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Holy Week at Rome

Holy Week was a blessed time for the seminarians of first year at Sedes Sapientiae that remained at the college. The students were on a break from university lessons for two weeks. During this time, they were occupied with many activities throughout Rome in preparation for Easter. One of the highlights of their time during this week was a pilgrimage to the seven major basilicas of Rome. On the Tuesday before the Triduum, the group walked to each of the seven major basilicas accompanied by Don Javier Canosa and Don Juan Rego. Though the journey was challenging, it was a beautiful and contemplative experience for the pilgrims, as they recited the Via Crucis along the way at each church. The Holy Triduum is the most important liturgical celebration of the year in the Church. Seminarians had the opportunity to serve at the liturgical celebrations at different parishes. They were divided into groups to serve at the liturgies at four basilicas, namely the basilicas of St. Apollinare, St. Eugenio, St. Stefano Rotondo, and St. Cosmas and Damian. This was the first Holy Week celebration in Rome and an occasion to encounter life in the parishes of Rome. Another beautiful experience was the visits to Blessed Sacrament the night of Good Thursday, a tradition commonly practiced during Holy Week. After the liturgy, some of the seminarians and priests visited local churches where the Eucharist was exposed and venerated for all to come and pray.


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