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From Sedes to Bethlehem...

Those who have lived in Sedes Sapientiae know well that in the College there are some traditions that fill the house with Christmas spirit and that allow us to share in a fraternal way the joy of the Incarnation and Birth of the Savior.

The entrance to the College changed its appearance when the seminarians set up the "Nativity Scene". The entire community gathered for the blessing of one of the central signs of this liturgical season. That same evening, the formators and seminarians sang carols in different languages in front of the tender representation.

Most of the seminarians travel to various parishes to help with the pastoral work of the Christmas season, and for this reason, a few days before their departure, we organize a gala dinner and, as has become a tradition, the second-year theology students are in charge of serving the dinner. The evening reaches its climax with the "Recita di Natale," a staging written and performed by the third-year companions that seeks, in a fun and familiar way, to remind everyone Who is at the center of all Christmas celebrations. The 2021 edition was titled "From Sedes to Bethlehem".

This year, characters such as the Three Kings, who visited the College and tried to give the seminarians tools to sanctify their daily lives, and the little devils who did everything they could to distract the seminarians, stood out. Undoubtedly, the pain in our stomachs from laughing so hard will take a few days to disappear, and the message that the play conveyed will never disappear: make Christ the center of our existence.


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