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Farfa & Ostia Antica

Before plunging into the rhythm of the upcoming exams, it was possible for several Sedes students to participate in two nice trips with high cultural content. The first group went to Farfa, Rocca Sinibalda and Posticciola in the province of Rieti, Lazio. The Abbey of Santa Maria di Farfa is a Benedictine monastery founded in 570 and has an ancient library with some very old manuscripts and books. Posticciola is a small Italian village of farmers and artisans that houses a museum, spread throughout the village, illustrating what typical Italian rural life was like. The trip ended with a guided tour of the Cesarini castle in Rocca Sinibalda.

The second group of excursionists was composed of final year Theology students. They went to Ostia Antica as a complementary activity to their Christian Archaeology course. The ancient city of Ostia was founded in the 4th century BC as a military camp. It developed during the Roman Imperial Age as a port and trading centre, the ruins of which are still standing. It was an episcopal see as early as the 3rd century and the scene of the last conversation between St Augustine and his mother St Monica. It remained the gateway to Rome from the Tiber, along which pilgrims, merchants and delegations arriving by sea entered Rome.


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