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Ecce quam bonum…

Psalm 133:1 exclaims: "How good it is, how good it is to live together as brothers", reminding us of the importance of fraternal encounter and fellowship. This fraternity is expressed in various ways, including sporting activities. In this sense, last October 29th, our College played a friendly match with Cavabianca. It was the third in recent years, and the previous two had resulted in a victory for each team.

In the first half, the match was very evenly balanced and no goals were scored, although Sedes had a penalty kick, which was missed. The second half was dominated by Cavabianca's team, who claimed a fair victory. The match had new players joining the respective teams of both Sedes and Cavabianca. After the match, there was a nice time for lunch and socialising. Let's hope that in the next edition we will be victorious.


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