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Easter Retreat

Retreat etymologically means draw back or withdraw. From the time of middle English onwards, it is also used as a military signal for retiring from action or exercise. Thus seminarians withdrew from the battle with the “routine”, and did their annual retreat from 1 to 7 April at Belvedere center, Roma.

The retreat was preached by Fr. Marc Teixidor, a professor of Canon Law at the pontifical university of the Holy Cross. Since it began on Monday, following Easter, the meditations were anchored along the “Resurrection Experience”. During most sessions, the preacher reiterated that we are raised from death in Christ and unfolded the meaning of this so central truth of faith.

As we come back to the routine of the seminary life and the lessons in full swing, we feel that we could keep ourselves in track with the enthusiasm and spiritual vitality derived from the retreat. Belvedere in Italian means beautiful view. Over and above, the house always supplemented the retreat days with a serene ambience and a climate of spiritual solitude.


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