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Congratulations, maestro!

"In an absolute stroke of luck, as I was showing the Basilica of the Saint Apostles, where Phillip and Jacques are buried, to my family, we came upon a concert that was to take place. None other than the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music and the Symphonia Romana performing Mozart’s Requiem. It was such an inspiring and stunning performance which often moved us to tears. Maestro Walter Marzilli was indeed masterful in his extremely succinct and effective conducting."In a Facebook post, Lynne Davis, professor of Music at Wichita State University (Kansas, USA), summed up her impressions of the concert that our music professor at Sedes Sapientiae conducted on 17 March in the Basilica of the Holy Twelve Apostles, which among many others was attended by a representation of our College, led by the rector Fr Javier Canosa.

A few weeks later, at the beginning of May, Maestro Walter conducted another important concert in Malaga (Spain), performing some pieces by baroque composers. It was a great success, which was covered by the local press and television.

The good news, if reading these lines has whetted your appetite to hear this musical masterpiece in an architectural setting worthy of it, is that on 17 May at 6 p.m., in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, you will be able to attend a new performance of Mozart's Requiem by the Roman Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Walter.


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