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Compliments Msgr. Mauricio!

On the 16th day of June, 2023, the Holy Father appointed the Reverend Monsignor Mauricio Rueda Beltz, under-secretary for the diplomatic staff of the Holy See, as apostolic nuncio to Côte d'Ivoire, raising him at the same time to the titular See of Cingoli, with the dignity of Archbishop. Msgr. Mauricio Rueda Beltz was born in Bogotá on 8 January 1970. He was ordained a priest on 19 December 1996, incardinating in the Archdiocese of Bogotá.

The news of this nomination was a cause of joy to the catholic community of St. Terenziano parish, Cavriago, where he usually visits to help out his longtime friend, don Claudio during the Holy week. In addition to the catholic community of Cavriago, the joy also resonated with some of seminarians who spent the 2023 Holy Week together with Msgr. Mauricio at Cavriago.

After his consecration as a bishop on the 9th of September, in solidarity with Msgr. Mauricio, eight of our seminarians at his behest, assisted in his first eucharistic celebration as a bishop, on the 10th of September, 2023 at the church of St. Anthony of the Portuguese. The eucharistic celebration was coloured by the presence of a Cardinal, about ten other bishops, a huge number of priest friends and colleagues, family, friends and well-wishers including don Claudio and some representatives of St. Terenziano parish, Cavriago. Msgr. Mauricio was evidently grateful for the presence of our seminarians and for the service rendered.


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