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Christmas at the parishes

A seminarian is never the last beneficiary of the formation he receives since all learning will be translated into concrete actions in the pastoral mission he will carry out in the future. During the vacation periods our seminarians are welcomed by different parishes and centers to get actively involved in the pastoral activities that are already taking place in those places.

This Christmas was no exception and our seminarians went to Merone, Uggiate, Rivignano, Bologna, Acqui, Torre del Greco, Cassette di Legnago, Ovada, Bonavigo, Cavriago, Surbo, Concesio, Massa Finalese and Guer. The activities were varied, the experiences enriching and the learning priceless.

Undoubtedly this Christmas season will accumulate an invaluable amount of treasures in the hearts of all those who shared their faith in the fraternity of the baptized.


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