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Christmas at the heart of the Church

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times in Rome. The streets are well lit with Christmas decorations and there is a calm ambience of the joyful season in the city. While many of the seminarians of Sedes Sapientiae go to parishes to receive pastoral formation, some of the seminarians remain at the house, which is a little quieter at this time of year. Like every year, the seminary had a solemn celebration of the Christmas Mass and a dinner within the community. There was also Christmas carols and other celebrations among the seminarians.

Many seminarians visited different churches throughout Rome to foster the spirit of Christmas as they viewed depictions of the Nativity. It was enriching to see various expressions of the mystery of the Incarnation. Also, some of the students took a trip to the mountains near to Rome to enjoy a day in the snow. Coming from several countries of the world, it was a new experience for many of the students.

Christmas in Rome is unforgettable for its unique beauty and closeness to the heart of the Church.


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