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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Diocese of Požega

It is always a joy to witness the conviviality of seminarians from diverse spheres of life in the seminary, manifesting a great act of fraternal unity and inexplicable love. In our multiplicity and diversity of culture, we achieve a complementarity of needs sharing every moment of life together.

Influenced by this spirit of oneness, on the 22nd of September some of us departed for Croatia on the occasion of the 3rd Eucharistic Congress and the 20th anniversary of the diocese of Požega. The delegation was led by the Rector, Don Javier Canosa.

The following day in Croatia was initiated with the Holy Mass and the celebration commenced officially with the solemn vespers. The event was as well characterized by a theatrical performance and later a musical concert performed by the youth. We utilized the opportunity to visit the Cathedral and the museum, which recount the rich heritage of the Church in Croatia and their immense contribution to the preservation and growth of the Catholic faith.

We happily wish to express our profound gratitude to the bishop of Požega, Msgr. Antun Škvorčević for his great hospitality and to all the priests and seminarians who made us feel at home. To the families of our colleague seminarians who welcomed and took us as part of their family and to all the faithful in Zagabria and Požega respectively who received us with smiles of cordiality, we say “Hvala” (thank you).


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