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Cascia and Spoleto

As extra-curricular activities, the college organizes excursions and pilgrimages. This time, the seminarians went to Cascia, to visit the places related to Saint Rita, the augustinian Italian saint who is known for her intercession in impossible cases. It was an excursion but also a pilgrimage. A time when seminarians travel, pray and share experiences together.

This year’s post exam excursion had particularities. It was very interesting for some to see the environment of Cascia where it snowed some days before the pilgrimage. It was a memorable day for some of the students because it was their first time to feel the snow. All of us participated actively with other pilgrims in the Holy Mass in the basilica of St Rita, animated by the choir of the College. Afterwards, a very rich historical explanation about the convent and the life of the saint was offered by an expert augustinian friar.

Also, the historical city of Spoleto was visited. Above all, cathedral of Santa Maria Asssunta dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a very interesting visit led by don Juan Rego. Soon, after a long walk through the town's historical center, the students were refreshed and ready enough to begin the new semester.


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