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Blessed is the one that giveth

The possibility of having seminarians from different diocese all over the world here in Sedes is achieved thanks to the immense benevolence of some men and women of goodwill. On the 23rd of October, the Sedes family had the privilege of welcoming to the college, some of her benefactors from Spain. Among them were old and young men and women of different works of life. The program of the visit commenced with a holy mass in Spanish celebrated by the Rector of the college. After the mass, was a joyful moment of photo shots and chats among the guests, priests and seminarians of Sedes.

After this, was a lunch, followed by a brief discursive session, during which some Spanish speaking seminarians narrated their life and vocational experiences. The visit was really a moment of joy both for the Sedes family and the benefactors who had the opportunity to see and meet physically the fruits of their benevolence.


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