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Behold our New Lectors

On Sunday 18th March, the 5th Sunday of Lent, 15 of our seminarians from 9 countries (Peru, El Salvador, Philippines, Nigeria, Mexico, Tanzania, Venezuela, Vietnam and Haiti), were conferred with the ministry of lector during the Eucharistic celebration presided over by S.E. Mons. Jorge Carlos Patrón Wong, secretary for the seminaries of the Congregation for the Clergy, in the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare.

Starting from the biblical texts proposed by the liturgy of the day, the Archbishop invited us to focus our attention on three important themes in order to help us conform to Christ. First, to cherish and nurture our desire to be a heart and soul united in Christ by ensuring that our life is dedicated to the service of God and of our brothers. Secondly, he reminded us that this desire for self-donation must be realized, embodied in a concrete place, our dioceses and other people. Finally, he encouraged us to keep in mind that, if we live this way, then our life will be a true glorification, which will not depend on the world but on God.

After the Mass, we spent a brief moment of conviviality in the adjoining courtyard of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, where refreshments were offered that we could share together with the many friends who participated in the celebration.

We thank His Grace Jorge Carlos Patrón Wong, who after the celebration also stopped for lunch at our college, to share with us the joy of new lectors. We thank the Lord and renew our entrustment to Him so that we may be more and more seminarians according to His will.


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