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An Occasion of Fraternity

If there is one thing that really promotes fraternity among young men, it is sports. This is why our Seminary participated in some friendly football matches with other seminaries in Rome, namely the Pontifical International College Maria Mater Ecclesiae and the Pontifical North American College. The games took place on March 19th against the PCIMME and March 26th against the PNAC. The games were intense, and all of the teams played very well. The matches were a great opportunity for seminarians to mingle and to foster fraternity. While the majority of players were participating in the football match, there was also a friendly game of basketball at the PNAC.

We are deeply grateful to both for receiving us to their campus and for their hospitality. The competitions were followed by refreshments as well as a quick tour of their colleges. Occasions like these are always a great way to keep the body and mind healthy, while also building strong relationships with brothers.

Here at Sedes Sapientiae, we see sport as a place of joy and communion. We try to keep in our hearts the message of Pope Francis, who says that “sport is a place of unity and encounter” where individuals work together towards a common aim.


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