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An inspiring example

On Saturday 16 December, the first year seminarians, who stayed at the College over the Christmas holidays, paid a visit to two nursing homes: one in Santa Francesca Romana, located near the Sedes, and the home for elderly priests of the Diocese of Rome, recently opened in the sanctuary of the Divine Love. Upon arriving at the sanctuary, we were greeted by the rector, His Eminence Cardinal Enrico Feroci. Later, Fr Paolo Corsi welcomed us into the home, where we prayed vespers with the priests and sang some Christmas carols in the chapel. Afterwards, we shared a snack and engaged in conversations with the residents. This experience was very meaningful for us, as it allowed us to meet men who have joyfully dedicated their entire lives to serving the Lord in the priesthood. They have been an inspiring example that encourages us to continue our journey of formation with enthusiasm and faith in the Lord.


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