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Along all Italy

During Holy Week and the first week of Easter, many seminarians from our College went to various communities throughout Italy to be involved in the pastoral activities that take place in parishes around the most important celebrations for us Christians.

Every direct contact with pastoral reality is, for those preparing for the priesthood, a reminder of the experience or situations that the Lord has taken advantage of to make us understand the call to consecrate our lives. Hundreds of kilometers from Rome, where we usually live, study and pray, the Lord came to meet us: Near the border between Italy and Slovakia, Rivignano (Diocese of Udine); Cavriago (Diocese of Reggio Emilia-Guastalla); Acqui and Ovada (Diocese of Acqui-Termi); in the birthplace of St. Paul VI, Concesio (Diocese of Brescia); Massa-Finalesse (Archdiocese of Modena-Nonantola); Merone and Besana in Brianza (Archdiocese of Milan); Casette di Legnago (Diocese of Verona); Uggiate-Trevano (Diocese of Como); San Giovanni in Monte (Archdiocese of Bologna); Venaria (Archdiocese of Turin); and in southern Italy, Surbo (Archdiocese of Lecce).

Penitential acts, retreats, meditations, processions, administration of the sacraments, works of charity, excursions, catechesis... The list of all the experiences we were able to live together with the communities that welcomed us is long and indescribable all the learning we received during these weeks, so we want to share with you the most significant moments of these weeks of apostolate through this Photo Gallery.

Every experience lived with Christ as the foundation will never be forgotten, so we thank all the priests and the faithful who opened the doors of their communities and their hearts.


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