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A Welcome Visit

Every year the community of our College welcomes new seminarians who arrive at the Sedes Sapientiae to continue their formation in preparation for the priesthood. New seminarians always receive a very special welcome visit from S.E. Archbishop Jorge Carlos Patron Wong, Secretary for the Seminaries of the Congregation for the Clergy. Mons. Wong usually embarks on the evening visit to our College, to meet, interact, and also to express the Pope's closeness.

And so on Monday 25th February and Friday 8th March, Msgr. Patron Wong joined us for dinner, after which he met the English speaking seminarians and those of other languages respectively. During the meeting the archbishop emphasized the importance of maintaining a close relationship with our dioceses of origin and invited them to live these Roman years and all of life, with a strong spirit of communion. He also gave each of them a publication containing the transcription of the meeting that the Holy Father Francis had with seminarians and priest students in Rome last year.

We thank Mgr. Patron Wong for the visit, we hope to have him again among us.


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