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A Visit from Our Benefactors

On Friday, 15th of February 2019, some benefactors belonging to different countries of Latin America joyfully visited us in our college. Upon arrival, we had the privilege to individually interact with the benefactors we highly acknowledge and appreciate. The interaction was then prolonged to the time of lunch.

After lunch, we proceeded to our Great Hall where we formally entertained and shared with the benefactors our experiences and hopes; before and currently in the Eternal City of Rome. The ESVAM (El Salvador, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico), a prominent singing band in our College took the stage to treat our benefactors with good music. After everything, don Javier Canosa, thanked the benefactors on our behalf as a community.

We are very much grateful to our benefactors, whose material and spiritual selflessness continue to sustain us in diverse ways. May God continue to bless and sustain them.


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