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A prayer for peace

The entire international community was shocked to learn the news of the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka on 21 April, which, among others, hit three churches where many Christians had gathered to celebrate the Easter Resurrection. The community of our College also joins in the grief of the Christians of Sri Lanka, many of whom have lost loved ones who have paid with their lives for their faith. In particular, we embrace Fathers Jipson, Samith and Shashika, former students of the College, now priests, who work in the affected area. By the grace of God, all three are well and have been able to make immediate efforts to accompany their faithful. They have been able to spend time with the families of the victims, celebrate the funerals of some of them and accompany the survivors with the help of many other priests and psychologists who are collaborating to help everyone get through the situation as best they can. After the first days of great emergency, so much so that no public Mass could be celebrated on the Sunday following the attacks, the situation is now slowly improving, thanks also to the great work that the religious and civil authorities are doing with great generosity. Let us continue to pray for our brothers and sisters and for the entire Christian community of Sri Lanka, that the Lord may soothe wounded hearts with the balm of his Love and give everyone the faith and strength to overcome this difficult moment.


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