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A look on the Missionary Church

The Church, which is considered to be the people of God and the sign of salvation, has also received the mission of announcing the Gospel throughout the world. With this, Rev. Fr. Gilbert Ndyamukama, a priest who hails from Tanzania and is currently working in the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, shared to us a general view of the Congregation and his personal experiences as a priest.

Fr. Gilbert highlighted the congregation’s task which is the “transmission and dissemination of faith throughout the whole world” and also, it’s specific responsibility of coordinating and guiding the Church’s various missionary efforts and activities. He also shared to us some details with regard to the congregation’s territories and its various initiatives such as the promotion and the formation of the clergy, encouraging new missionary organizations, and providing material assistance for the missionary activity of the Church.

Fr. Gilbert, who is also an alumnus of our college, also shared to us his beautiful experiences when he was a seminarian of our College and advised us to make good use of every opportunity that would help us in our seminary formation.


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