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A Fraternal Reunion

On the 20th of April, we were graced with a visit by three alumni of our college: l’abbé Jean du Parc from the diocese of Vannes in France; l’abbé Paul Marie Boutin and the deacon Vincent Marie Vayne, both from the diocese of Bayonne, also in France. Their visit was lived with a holy mass in which Rev Vincent Marie gave a brief and edifying homily.

Likewise, our brother Fr Linus Nnabuenyi from the archdiocese of Onitsha in Nigeria presided over a mass for us on the 22nd of April. His resounding homily will remain alive in our hearts as we hope and work towards transforming the rich words into our lives.

We once again thank them for availing us the privilege of their presence as we pray that God may keep sustaining them in their ministries.


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