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A Football Match Between the Old and the New Seminarians

We were unbeknownst of the joyful fact that the new arrivals at the college are very brave footballers. Those who play football with passion, dedication and love flowing from the spirit of sportsmanship. This was made known to our humbled old seminarians as they were diligently trashed 7:4 by the new seminarians that just arrived few months ago.

The match took place on 11th November 2017, at the oratorio di San Pietro. The match commenced at the sound of the whistle signalled by the professional referee, Kingsley, officiating the match with the help of two assistant referees; the first goal came within the first 10 minutes of the game by the new seminarians. And so, it continued simultaneously in the sense that there was always a response from the old seminarians. But they got tired of responding at 4 goals and the new seminarians humbled them with 7 goals with variety of scorers as they really played like a team with one heart.

Not minding the defeat witnessed, the match ended in joy for us all as our team just grew stronger with the presence and availability of our new brothers. We thank our moderator Don Josefo for the sacrifices he is making for the team and Don Edoardo who has never backed out on us. Their presence encourages us tremendously. Finally, to God be the glory for the clement weather and this opportunity of growing in fraternal love.

Long live Sedes Sapientiae!


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