Pastoral Work in Italy for the Holy Week

From the Northern part, Diocese of Como and Archdiocese of Udine, to the Southern part of Italy, Archdiocese of Napoli, the seminarians of Sedes Sapientiae were present during the celebration of the Holy Week.

     After our last class, many of us started leaving for pastoral in different regions of Italy. Our presence almost covered whole of Italy. We were present in different Dioceses; Acqui, Udine, Bologna, Verona, Como, Napoli, Reggio-Emilia, Milano and other several dioceses. Our pastoral work has not been limited only to parishes but some of us also went to Home for the Aged.

      Our pastoral work has always been interesting; new lessons acquired from parish priests,  encountered new people, visited places, helped during the preparations for the celebrations and most importantly, brought the Gospel to the people. In summary, these has been our experiences during this past Holy Week, yet, some of our experiences are worthy to be highlighted.

     In the parish of Rivignano, archdiocese of Udine, 2 of us (Martin and Nelson) were able to assist during the presentation of the relics of Sts. John Paul II and Mother Teresa. They also did catechism for those who will receive first communion and narrated their vocation story to those who will be confirmed.

     In the diocese of Como, 5 of us, situated in different parishes, met during the Chrism Mass held in the Duomo of Como. Also the seminarians in the diocese of Verona, from different parishes and those who were in Negrar, joined the whole diocese for the Mass.

     Our first year brothers who remained in Rome for the Holy Week also had different activities. On Holy Tuesday, they had the pilgrimage visiting Seven Churches of Rome. On Maundy Thursday, they had an over-night vigil with the Blessed Sacrament and were able to visit several other altar of reposition near Sedes. On the day of Resurrection, Paschal Sunday, they attended the Mass in St. Peter and received the Urbi et Orbi benediction from the Pope.

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