Canonization and Episcopal Visits

One of the ways through which the church externally manifests her holiness is through the canonization of her members who have lived a worthy and saintly live worthy of emulation. This notwithstanding, not all those who lived a saintly life while on earth are canonized, rather, the church in her wisdom chooses some to serve as models and paradigms for us the church militant.

     Taking this as a point of reference, the Holy Mother Church through the pontificate of Pope Francis canonized some of her sons on 15th October, 2017. The newly canonized saints include thirty persons from Brazil, three from Mexico, one from Spain and finally one from Italy. These brethren of ours fought the good fight and have been crowned in glory as they sing and praise God in the company of the church triumphant while interceding for us. Some of our seminarians and priests especially those from these countries took active part in the ceremony. We join these brethren of ours in proclaiming Holy!!! Holy!!! Holy!!! is the Lord.

     The joyful aftermath of the canonization brought two Brazilian bishops to our door steps. They include Don Francisco Canindé Palhano, the bishop of the diocese of Bonfim (Bahia) and His Excellency Jaime Vieira Rocha, the archbishop of Natal-RN. They left us with some words of advice and encouragement.

     On another occasion, we received a courtesy visit from the Archbishop of Thrissur, Mar Andrews Thazhath. We were pleased to have him in our midst as we benefitted a lot from his edifying words.

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